Sunday 12 June 2011

Off to the Ark.

It's still raining, so I'll have to build an Ark soon.

To build the Ark:

1; Obtain a large quantity of Gopherwood. If Gopherwood is not available, substitute common Cypress, noted in the Mediterranean for its resistance to rotting.

2; Begin gathering animals to carry in the ark. Start with pack animals, which will make it easier to haul in the necessary Gopherwood.

3; Prepare a framework on which to attach the outer hull, planking and decking. Framework dimensions are 300 cubits (450 feet) long by 50 cubits (75 feet) wide by 30 cubits (45 feet) high.

4; Attach planking for the outer hull, placing a door in the side to make it easier to load the animals into the ark. Also attach decking and two subdecks, dividing the ark into upper, middle and lower levels.

5; Divide the floors into rooms to keep the animals separated and provide separate space for the human crew. Secure the galley so that hungry animals can't break in and eat more than their share.

6; Make a roofed cabin for the upper deck and finish the ark to within a cubit (18 inches) from the top.

7; Coat the hull inside and out with pitch to seal any gaps between the planks and protect the wood. Apply several coats, as the ark must withstand forty days and nights of rain, plus another 110 days of ocean travel and another 7 months of sitting in mud on Mount Ararat.

Wait for the ark to stops moving, (This should happen in about 40 days) and will mean that the ark has hit land.


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