Saturday 3 October 2009

Two ITV 2's, three Channel 4's but no ITV 3, ITV 4, cITV, Film 4 etc.

The same channels repeated or more channels?
Two ITV 2's, three Channel 4's but no ITV 3, ITV 4, cITV etc.

So the National TV Freeview retune has come and gone on the 30th of September. But as lots of us won't get digital TV or Channel 5 until 2012 or 2013 this will not affect us?


You can have/will get from 3 to 8 multiplexes before the national retune.
6 to 8 from most main TV transmitters and 3 from most TV relays.

Now some relays will only get 2 multiplexes as the HD (High-Definition) multiplex size is increasing.
We will no longer get ITV 3, ITV 4, Film 4 etc. etc. But will get ITV 2, ITV 2+1, Channel 4, Channel 4+1, Channel 4 HD, BBC 1, BBC HD.

So do we need two ITV 2's, three Channel 4's and two BBC 1's?
I wish they move ITV2+1, Channel4+1, Channel 4 HD and all radio stations to the main only transmitter multiplexes.

Then with all the extra room added ITV 3, ITV 4, Film 4 and Sky news or Dave to the national multiplexes.
We can still get the radio from the radio transmitters (or even the Internet). As HD channels need more data than a normal station, by removing one TV HD station and some radio stations they will be able to squeeze in more than one TV station and swap ITV 2+1 with ITV 3, Channel 4+1 with More 4 or E4 etc.

Full TV multiplex list;
Multiplex BBC A (PSB1) (Was Mux1)
Multiplex BBC B (PSB3) (Was MuxB)
Multiplex D3+4 (PSB2) (Was Mux2)
Multiplex SDN (COM4) (Was MuxA)
Multiplex ArqA (COM5) (Was MuxC)
Multiplex ArqB (COM6) (Was MuxD)
Multiplex NEW7
Multiplex NEW8

Multiplexes for TV relays only;
Multiplex BBC A (Was Mux1)
Multiplex BBC B (Was MuxB)
Multiplex D3+D4 (Was Mux2)

The TV and radio channels on each multiplex are;
Multiplex BBC A
I haven't got a list yet, but the following channels are on multiplex BBC A, BBC B or D3+D4 and available from all transmitters.

BBC1, BBC2, BBC3/cBBC, BBC4/Cbeebies, BBC News 24, BBC Parliament, BBCi,
ITV (ITV1), ITV2, ITV2+1, Channel 4, Channel 5,
BBC radio stations 1 to 7, BBC World Service radio,
BBC HD, Channel 4 HD

Multiplex BBC B

Multiplex D3+4

Multiplex SDN

Multiplex ArqA

Multiplex ArqB

Multiplex NEW7

Multiplex NEW8

This list will vary if you live in Scotland, Ireland or Wales.

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