Sunday 30 August 2009

Lights out at the end of the tunnel.

Lights out for old 100 watt bulbs in Europe from the 1st of September, 2009.

It is already illegal to sell 150 watt and above bulbs and all frosted incandescent bulbs in the UK and Europe.

From tomorrow it will also be illegal to sell the 100 watt incandescent bulb.

So we will now have to use the new technology light bulbs, such as compact florescent lights. (CFL) This can save up to 80 percent of the energy used by the worst old-style lights in homes.

This will cut carbon dioxide emissions as part of the European Union's wider climate change. At the moment, around 85 percent of household lights are considered to use too much electricity.

The European Consumers Association BEUC welcomed the phasing out of incandescent bulbs, saying; "Consumers benefit financially from the measure, but most importantly, they will be able to contribute to improved energy efficiency."
However by removing the old-style light bulbs also holds drawbacks for some consumers. There are concerns "about the risks to health from the high mercury content of the new bulbs,"
the group warned.
There are also health problems with the flickering of the light with new lighting systems for some people.

So in a year 75 watt bulbs will go and all incandescent bulbs by September 2012.

The consumer groups agreed that the new-style bulbs make huge energy savings and have a lifetime 8-15 times longer than the traditional kind.

In my home I have a (blue) bayonet 60 watt light bulb I have inherited from my Granddad in 1967, that still works.So if my bulb has lasted for over 42 years, then a new bulb should last for 336 to 630 years.

Please let me know if you think they will last that long.

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