Wednesday 27 November 2013

If Scotland leaves the UK.

The UK will no longer be a United Kingdom but a separated or split kingdom.
So we will be called the SK.
Scotland will be known as the Scottish Kingdom or SK for short.
If we remove the Scottish part of the flag then a number of other flags will also be affected.

The United Kingdom flag is made up from the English, Scottish and Welsh flags.


The UK flag is in the top corner of the following country flags:
So will all the following flags have to change?
 British Antarctic Territory,
 British Indian Ocean Territory,
 British Virgin Islands,
  Cayman Islands,
  Cocos Islands,
  Cook Islands,
  Falkland Islands, 
  Heard & McDonald Islands, 
  New Zealand, 
  Pitcairn Islands,
  South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands,
  St. Helena & Dependencies, 
  Tristan da Cunha,
  Turks & Caicos Islands,
... ..
Please post your ideas of how the new UK flag should look like.

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