Saturday 29 October 2011

G.M.T. to end.

An idea, yes a stupid one.

Quotes from:

"Moving to CET would mean an extra 235 hours of daylight a year"
"Moving to CET would cut road deaths"

1 hour daylight extra in the afternoon and 1 hour less sunlight in the morning

= (1-1=0) x 365.25
= no extra sunlight hours.
(Still don't know there the number 235 comes from)
Working to school/work in the dark would cut down in road deaths!
Are you sure about that.

The only way this would work is if all schools, jobs, shops etc started an hour later and finished an hour later.

If we must change the clocks to some stupid system, then why not decimalise time and have 10 hours in a day and 5'o clock as mid-day.

If we must change the clocks to be the same as other countries, then should all countries use the same time?
This would mean people in Australia would work in the dark and sleep in the daylight.

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