Thursday 17 February 2011

TV ads should be cut back, say Lords.

The House of Lords want all commercial channels to have an equal limit of seven minutes of adverts an hour.

Public service broadcasters ITV1, Channel 4 and Channel 5 are aloud to have an average of 7 minutes of ads and up to 8 minutes during peak time (6pm-10:30pm) per hour.
Other commercial channels including ITV2, E4, Fiver and Sky1 are aloud to have average of 9 minutes and up to 12 minutes during peak time.
Well a program shown on a BBC channel that lasts for 45 minutes fills a 1 hour slot on a channel with adverts at the moment.

Dr Who or Star Trek on BBC TV is just under 45 minutes. The same program on a commercial channels fills a one hour slot.
So they have more than 9 minutes an hour or 12 minutes at peak time.
Also as Product Placement will become legal from the 28th of February, it seams that we will have 60 minutes of adverts in an hour.
Product Placement will also mean that we will get a new DOG (Digital On-screen Graphics) next to the channel DOG.

For more information about the new product placement rules, see

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