Saturday 22 January 2011

More EPG slots with Sky.

If there are "No new EPG slots" on Sky (Electronic Program Guide) which I find hard to believe, then here are some ideas to free up some slots.

1; On Sky 970 and Sky 998, both point to the same channel "Sky Intro".
So remove 970 to give us one more slot.

2; Channel 321 and 322 point to True Movies 1 and True Movies 2.
Most/all of the time these channels have no picture and break up.
So if they can't transmit them at the same power as all the other stations, then remove them from the EPG.

3; There is no proper EPG with the radio stations.
So have one new TV channel with a text service. Then have a text page to select the radio station.
This would work in the same way as the BBC iText selects one of it's news streams.
This would give us 75 more EPG slots, minus one slot for the new TV channel.

4; If ITV4 had a text service, then it could have one page to display ITV4+1 as a stream and a page listing the programs.

We can view ITV4+1 on Freesat (Not FSFS). But switching between Freesat and Sky to view all the different channels can be a pain.

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