Sunday 9 January 2011

ITV 1 +1

ITV (Independent Television) channel 1 + 1 hour is starting.

ITV1 +1 has not yet been added to Sky's EPG. (Electronic Program Guide)
So to add this channel:

For Sky users press Services, 4 (System Setup), 4 (Add Channels) then;
Frequency 10.891 GHz
Polarization H
Symbol rate 22 (Mbaud)
F.E.C. 5/6
10125 = ITV1+1 Ulster (Testcard only)
10145 = ITV1+1 Central West
10155 = ITV1+1 London

Frequency 10.906 GHz
Polarization V
Symbol rate 22 (Mbaud)
F.E.C. 5/6
10225 = ITV1+1 STV West
10255 = ITV1+1 Granada
10265 = ITV1+1 Meridian South

All +1 channels now have DOGs except during the adverts.
STV (Scotish TV) had a DOG also with the adverts.
UTC (Ulster TV), testcard only so may or may not have a DOG.

ITV1+1 is now on the Sky EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
ITV1 (local) 103
ITV1 (London) 993
ITV1 +1 (local) 131
There is no ITV1+1 London in the EPG.

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