Monday 20 September 2010

Things to fix change or add to IE9.

Things to fix change or add to IE9.
1; When downloading or running a file from the Internet, no file is downloaded or run!
If you then click on the new cog icon then View downloads you will then find your file ready to download.
OK This is the same as some other browsers, but Microsoft need to advertise this to new users who are used to just clicking on a page link.
2; One thing I like about Internet Explorer more than Netscape or any of the Netscape clones is that you can view and edit the source code.

Very useful if you are a Web site designer.
With IE8 and IE9, they no longer use Notepad. They have added an option to switch the program you use to view and edit the source code.
But the problem is when viewing a frame or I-frame. If you menu click view source it always displays the code in a read/display only window.

They need to let the HTML editing option work,
with the titlebar view source and a menu click over the page to view the source code, with your selected text editing program.
3; With Java script code you can read the user agent information.
Up to IE8 this would return information about what components you have and the versions.
With IE9 in IE8 and IE9 mode (but not in IE 7 mode) it only returns the MSIE version, operating system, memory block size and the Trident version.
Sometimes it is important to get all the information in all modes. Also IE clones will no longer identify themselves in the userAgent string. (Unless in IE7 mode)

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