Friday 28 May 2010

BBC one HD.

BBC one goes High-Definition.
I see that BBC 1 is also starting a BBC 1 HD simulcast channel on all digital television platforms.

Link at;

No problem with it on Freeview but...

As BBC1 has regional programs you will need more room on satellite to have all the different regions.Or will there be;

A; Half an hour of the test card after the national news.
B; A different program to BBC1 SD after the national news.
C; A different regional program each time.
Eg. The whole of the UK will get BBC1 local news from the Isle of Wight, them the next time from South West Northumberland, BBC East Riding, BBC Isles of Scilly ....


D; BBC1 London only. (To keep everbody in Scotland happy)

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