Tuesday 14 July 2009

End of AOL's FTP webpage service.

End of AOL's FTP webpage service.
(This post was first posted on 28/10/2008 and moved to this new page on 14/07/2009)

As AOL is closing it's customer FTP web space on 31/10/2008, I like many others am forced to move web sites.
I have added a page to this new site listing old AOL websites and where they have moved to.
Please visit
http://markagius.co.uk/webpages/aol-site-list.htm to find the new sites.
Let me know about your new site if you want to be added to the list.
There is also a blog on this subject at; http://www.macsimumnews.com/index.php/archive/aol_hometown_ftp_is_closing_oct_31

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